Contractor Business Funding-How We Got A Contractor Funds in One Day

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Contractor Business Funding. How We Got A Construction Contractor $75,000 in Funds in 1 Day


Contractor Business Funding doesn’t have to be hard.

Follow the steps in this video and click the Schedule Now Button below to find how much Business Funding you is available for you.


Indianapolis Contractor with rough credit follows these 8 steps to get $75,000 funded in his business account in one day.  This was not a daily cash advance, but a 10 year business term loan intended to bridge financing until the business owner can obtain financing at lower rates.


  1. Phone call. We explore your need, your goal or problem.
  2. This contractor needed money fast, so we took an application on the phone.
  3. We sent an email to his office person because she handles the statements.
  4. once she confirmed she received it, he was back to work!
  5. She replied with 3 months of business statements.  (you can also complete our form on our website)
  1. We sent this information to the funding company for them to review.
  2. They reviewed the info and called the contractor in about 2 hours to confirm his information
  3. He receives offer for $75,000 to his email. He Signs it online and receives funds in his business account the      next day.





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