Debt Restructuring

Debt Restructuring

Debt Restructuring for Business Loans & Merchant Cash Advances (MCA) can lower monthly debt payments by 30% to 70% and remove UCC Liens.

Were you forced to use HIGH-INTEREST Rate MCA’s or other Short-Term Debt to grow your business or keep it afloat during the bumpy past few years?

You aren’t alone. We talk to business owners on a daily basis trying to wiggle out of the high daily or weekly payments.

MCAs can be a liquidity deathtrap from which many businesses never recover. Restructuring and Negotiating is usually the best solution – not bankruptcy and not reverse consolidations.

We have run the gauntlet of “MCA payment saving firms”. We have talked to no less than 20 of these firms. We have heard horror stories from clients who paid money into  “escrow”, but none of their money was paid out to their lenders.

The firms use the word “negotiate” payments, but yet they seem to plan a settlement from the start. Suggesting that you pay them a reduced amount. 1 combined payment. Their Fee and your debt payment. We know who will be paid first.

We have partnered with a firm who truly does it the right way. Does that mean you will get everything you want? NO 

Will they consult and negotiate and fight for the best terms for you so you can save your business and preserve/rebuild your credit….YES

If you’d like to discuss options with us schedule a phone meeting.

We will do our best to help you refinance into a better loan product, but if not we will have you talk to our partners who will consult and provide you with honest options to help you get out of your current situation.

Restructuring Business Debt & MCA Debt

Our MCA Debt Restructuring Partner has helped 1000’s of clients for over 20 years.

There is no miracle that will cure all debt problems and meet the needs of every single business owner.

Each of our clients have different needs, and therefore, there are no cookie cutter options.

We take our time with our clients during our free consultation to explain to you what you’re up against. No sugar coated conversations.  If you’re looking for help with MCAs you’re in a bad spot. We won’t make it seem like our help will be an instant fix.  We’ll explain how each of the different options we offer can help you, and all the road bumps that may occur along the way.  Rest assured, one way or another; we’ll solve your Merchant Cash Advance or other debt problems.

Unlike other debt relief providers, that will try to pressure you to ‘close the deal’ as they “put your money in escrow”, we earn our profit when we successfully negotiate your obligations.  Meaning we profit when we succeed for you – not by convincing you to hire us.   That means no high-pressure sales tactics here!  We don’t want you ‘convince’ you to hire us, but instead, we want to educate you as to all of your options.

We know, once you truly understand what it is that we do, how we do it, and that we’re different, it’s not a matter of having to pressure you, you’ll realize we’re the right choice on your own.

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BizFundFirst- Schedule MeetingRestructuring will help your business cash flow problems

Forbearance Agreements – we can get you a break on your payments for some time.

Restructuring Lower Payments – we can lower your payments if your revenues are down or you are overextended with too many positions or other obligations

Regain control of your cash flow and your business before it’s too late! Because if your MCA debt problem is severe enough, and you don’t act swiftly and decisively, then your window of opportunity to fix the problem will close.

At that point, your business that was built with sweat equity and money will usually have no choice but to file for bankruptcy. Don’t let this happen to you. What would you do then? How would you feel knowing there were strategies you could have used to save your business and your livelihood if you had only acted sooner?

Businesses Who Have Been Helped By Debt restructuring on their Business Loans and Merchant Cash Advances

Debt Restructuring- Business Loans & Merchant Cash Advance

Would you like to learn your options?

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What is a Merchant Cash Advance?


Since The Great Recession of 2008 into 2009, access to affordable working capital has been hard to come by for many small businesses in America. Banks routinely say “NO”, and business owners get that message loud and clear.

Your business needed working capital for that big project, or for that equipment purchase, or for that planned expansion, or to finance that next client order.

Cash flow is the life blood of any business, but small businesses can be especially challenged in this area.

Enter the Merchant Cash Advance, or “MCA” as they’re called in the industry.

By definition, a Merchant Cash Advance is the purchase by an MCA Funder of “future sales deposits – or future accounts receivables” expected by a business. An MCA Funder purchases “future sales” for less than their current value (normally 40% -50% less) which is reflected in what they call their “factor rate” (i.e. a typical factor rate is 1.49 which means you will pay back the funds you take times 1.49) (keep reading… this will be explained in more detail).

Our example is “the average”. We have seen MCA’s for as low as 1.11 for 12 months, but this is rare.

The MCA funding company provides you with a discounted lump sum of cash up front with a payback total and timeframe based on either:

1.daily or weekly fixed payments or

2.a specified daily percentage of future sales

Either way, these figures are derived from the average of the business’s most recent 3 or 6 months of revenue as shown by the business’s bank statements.

Most importantly, an MCA agreement is structured in a way that adds up to tremendous and unsustainable costs for this type of short-term financing.

Since MCA funders are purchasing your business’s future receivables, this is not considered a “loan” and the business is not considered a “borrower”. By not “lending” to a “borrower”, MCA funders bypass usury laws which address excessive interest rates thereby allowing them to charge loan-shark rates.

What’s the math look like?

It’s the factor rate that tells you the general cost of funding.

A 1.49 factor rate means that you are paying 49% interest for the amount of time you have those funds. That’s right, for the amount of time you have those funds!

Most MCA’s are issued for 3-6 months (and certainly less than a full year). For example let’s say you have a term above is only for 115 days.

To convert the 49% into an “annual” figure, you would first divide the 49% by the 115 days (49/115) and get 0.426, which is the “daily” percentage cost of the financing. Then, you simply multiply that daily figure by 360 days in a business year to get your annualized percentage rate – which, in this case, is over 153%!

Crazy, yes! Unsustainable, right? Do you think a lot of business owners realize they’re paying over 100% annually for many of the MCA transactions they do? Answer: No way!

Do you know how many businesses have more than one MCA on their books right now?

The sad fact is that if a business has 3 or more MCA’s, there’s an overwhelming chance that the business will fail.

Which leads us to discuss MCA Stacking.

Most MCA Funders prohibit stacking. It exists. Typically requiring 50% of the account paid down.

Stacking is when you have more than 1 MCA at a time.

You put a 2nd MCA on top of a 1st, and a 3rd on top of a 2nd, and so on, until the business’s cash flow is so squeezed that it can’t continue to support scheduled payments and it’s left with multiple “stacked” MCAs to pay back. It’s similar to a Ponzi scheme,  in that the 2nd MCA is used to make payments on the 1st, and the 3rd is used to pay the 2nd, etc.

Many in the industry have referred to MCA stacking as a ‘liquidity death trap” which usually destroys the business if not remedied quickly. Stacked MCAs act like a cancer eating away at the business’s cash flow.

If it is not immediately eradicated, the business will die.

Because, let’s face it, if a business can’t repay their first MCA due to the lack of sufficient cash flow, it is flawed logic to think that it will be able to handle 2 or more MCAs with that same cash flow. The exorbitant cost of MCA capital usually makes “stacking” the last nail in a business’s coffin.

Yet the MCA industry and its armies of aggressive “brokers” and “underwriters” do these “stacking” transactions routinely, and even proudly advertise to their brokers that they will go out to an 8th position!!! 8th position…really?! Talk about doing something to the detriment of your business!

If this all sounds familiar….

Talk to Us Before It’s Too Late

Talk to us about your situation and find out how this proven strategy will dramatically lower your debt payments in just days and save you money on your total payback amount.

Other Debt We Can Restructure:

  • Government Loans
  • Business Credit Cards
  • Vendor Debt
  • Bank Debt
  • Supplier Debt
  • Credit Union Business Debt
  • Commercial Real Estate Debt
  • Non-Bank Business Debt
  • Term Loans/LOCs
  • Equipment Loans
  • All Forms of Tax Debt
  • Any Unsecured Business Debt
  • Debt From Business Ventures
  • Any Secured Business Debt


  • Our Partner’s MCA Debt Restructuring experts and attorneys restructure your existing Cash Advance Contracts with your existing Cash Advance Providers.
  • Forbearance Agreements –  can get you a break on your payments for some time.
  • Restructuring Lower Payments – can lower your payments if your revenues are down or you are overextended with too many positions or other obligations

This can be accomplished with no:

  • New loans
  • Minimum FICO Score
  • Collateral needed
  • Hindrance on refinancing

Next Steps to Get Rid of the High Payment Stress…

Schedule a Call 0r Just Call (317) 589-0118

Gather Documents and prepare forms prior to our phone meeting.

Items that will be helpful for our discussion and will be needed by our debt restructuring partners:

  1. Debt Schedule. Please fill out in its entirety. Accuracy is paramount.
  2. Business Bank Statements. 4 most recent bank statements
  3. Copy of funding contracts that you are looking to restructure. 

*Foresight Business Funding is not a law firm. We work with experienced negotiators and specialty law firms as part of our process. As such, nothing on this website is to be considered legal advice. Also, while the debt restructuring results shown on this website are typical, they cannot be guaranteed in advance. Each scenario is different, which is why we encourage you to talk with us about your own unique situation. If an MCA problem is plaguing your business, time is not your friend and it’s most often in your own best interest to act sooner, rather than later.