Fix and Flip Funding- How This Real Estate Investor got $178k in One Day

Fix and Flip Funding

Fix and Flip Funding $170K in One Day

How Our Real Estate Investor Got $170,000 Funding in 1 Day

Fix and Flip Funding for Real Estate Investors or Real Estate Brokers. Follow the steps in the video to get funded quickly for you real estate purchase and construction project.

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Fix and Flip Funding Steps

Here Are the Steps Our Fix and Flip Investor Used to Get funded in less than 10 days

Previously, she had identified a property to purchase and had a rough budget for rehab costs.

  1. Phone call. We explore your need, your goal or problem.
  2. Info & Docs -Online App, bank statement, 2 tax returns, List of Property, Sales Contract, LLC, DL
  3. 10- 20% available in cash. If you have 700+ but do not have 20% ask us about credit line solution
  4. No experience is ok, but the more you have the better rates and terms. She had 4 flips in 2 yrs.
  5. This info goes into our network of 200 private money and bank lenders.
  6. We receive the best offer, produce LOI and appraisal is ordered for client
  7. This case funded in 9 Days, but could be more or less. Usually depends on speed/need of




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