Government Contractor Financing

Government Contractor Financing

Are you looking for Government Contractor Financing?

Are your government contractor or starting up a government contractor business?   Are you limited by lack of funding?

Not sure how to grow without enough cash or bank business financing?

The best way to grow your government contractor business is with our easiest government contractor financing source.

Startup Government Contractor Financing Case Study

One  startup government contractor with less than $10,000 in reserves, (and less than stellar credit) made their first $16,000 in net profit in a few months. They only used $4,000 of their own money.

The Drop Shipping model makes it fairly easy to get Purchase Order Financing. Up to 95% of the PO and Invoice amount. This allows you to leverage other people’s money to infinitely grow your business.

Work in Progress or customizing products are a little trickier, requiring some backstop collateral, but unlike a traditional bank you don’t need a certain time in business, perfect credit score, or the grueling underwriting process.

Prequalifying for a Line of Credit and financing is as simple as, a one-page app, PFS, & conference call. In a day or two, you can have a LOC available to start winning bids and growing your business.

Once you complete the forms you will begin to be prequalified. We will schedule a conference call with the lender typically the next day so they can learn about your business and goals.

Need the forms sent to your mobile: Text: GCFUND to (317) 676-6726. We will send an App & get you started.

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Here is how our client was able to get started with almost no money out of pocket.

This client was using set asides to drop ship products to the DOD.

The first deal was a $53,000 purchase order.

The markup was high enough, so the cost of goods sold was covered by the financing. no money out of pocket.


85% Advance on PO & Invoice

1st Govt Order

Lender To Shipper$43,360
Lender to Biz$45,050
Invoice Paid$53,000
Loan Trued($45,050)
Fin Charge 50 days($2,210)
Lender to Biz$5,830
Net Income (50 days)$7, 420 on $53,000 sale
No money out of Pocket
2nd Order
Lender to Shipper102,000
Biz Pays$3,600
Lender to Biz$102,000
Invoice Paid$120,000
Loan Trued $ (102,000)
Fin Charge 50 Days $ (4,800)
Lender to Biz$13,200
Net Income (50 days)$9,600 on $120,000 sale
$3,600 out of Pocket
Rates and Terms will Vary. Current Prime Rate is 8.25% SBA Rates 10.5%

Government Contractor Financing

  • Possible Same day approval/closing in 2-5 days
  • Working capital is sent to vendors within 24 hours of generating a purchase order
  • Deal directly with decision makers
  • Up to 100% financing on purchase orders. 80-90% is typical.
  • Years in business is not a factor
  • Unlimited access to working capital, so you can focus on growing your business
  • Challenged credit is a non-issue
  • Retain 100% equity of your company
  • Assigned account team for your company
  • Deal with just one company from initial product creation to final payment
  • Save time and money with a third party managing and making payments to the manufacturer on your behalf

In two or three years of growth, you should have great cashflow,  a strong balance sheet, and then you can typically obtain traditional financing at the best rates.

How to Get the Funding You Need to Grow

Pre-Qualify for a credit line to fulfill Order

Call us to Discuss Your B2G or B2B Project

  • 1 to 2  Business day approval*
  • Business Funding within a week*
  • 80% to 95% Financing on Purchase Orders*
  • Startups and challenged credit are non-issues.
  • Factoring Government Invoices for cash flow while waiting to be paid by Client
  • Generally Lenders are looking for $100,000+ in monthly sales or expected sales. Startups can ramp up to this.

Text: GCFUND to (317) 676-6726. We will send an App & get you started