Referral Partners

Real Estate and Business Broker Loan Referrals

If you are a commercial real estate broker, business broker, or other advisor with clients needing quick financing at fair terms, we offer traditional real estate loans and business loans. SBA, business credit lines and all types of funding.

If you have a project you are needing professional quick financing, please call (317) 589-0118 or contact us here.

Why give us an opportunity to work with your client? We recently helped a couple of brokers (possibly competitors) close sales much quicker than they expected.  I thought it would make sense to reach out to you, to share how we could do that for you.

We have a very large network of financing partners. This helps us get deals done quicker and for good terms.

I know you don’t know me, but I would like to discuss how we can be a helpful resource to your business, either by phone (317) 589-0118 or in-person meeting. Please just call, text, or reply and let me know a good time we could talk for 10 minutes.


You are likely thinking… I already have finance people. The two brokers had finance people on call, too. In fact, on one of the deals, we sent to five lenders and they all said, “it didn’t fit guidelines”. The 6th lender was happy to have it and got the deal done ASAP. The Client was happy with an SBA pre-approved in 24 hours and closed in 3 weeks, after docs received.

Working through our partner firms, we have a large variety of financing options including creative down payment assistance, working capital loans (most financing firms don’t know how to do this).

Here are a couple recent examples where we helped business and real estate brokers get their commissions faster than they initially expected:

A broker had a buyer for a gas station business listed at $150,000. As you know, gas station financing can be a little tricky. Many lenders don’t want to finance stations for less than $250,000. The seller did have docs in good order. We were able to pre-approval in 24-48 hours, getting an SBA Approved Lender: 10% down, at 2.75% over prime, 10 year, <4% closing costs, for the full $150,000. Final approval took 2 weeks after all docs. Closed in 3 weeks after all docs received.

A few months ago, a buyer with questionable credit approached us (online) to buy an automotive related building. The seller was retiring, so there was no business to sell. The buyer had questionable credit, bank turned them down. We were able to get him $600k (10% down from buyer) 2.75% over prime, for Real Estate and working capital. It was through an SBA Approved lender. It took about 3 1/2 weeks to get funded after docs were in.

I would like to talk to you briefly, while this is on your mind, but if you can’t find 10 minutes, please remember us when you are having difficulty closing a deal because of financing.

With 1000+ lenders, we can approach situations with strategies and lending products that most firms may not consider.  Traditional lenders, hard money lenders, revenue lenders, and no credit check credit lines FinTech lenders. We even have lenders that will also lend on specialty assets.

If you know a lot of real estate investors or business owners, this could be a very good source of additional income for you. Contact us right away.