Business Loan Refinance & MCA refinance

Refinance High Rate Interest Rate Business Loans- 5 Strategies

Refinance High Interest Rate Business Loans & MCA’s

5 Refinancing Strategies

If you’re a business owner with High Rate Merchant Cash Advances, you can Refinance High Interest Rate Business Loans and Merchant Cash Advances using one of the 5 business loan refinancing strategies listed below.

Were you were forced to use HIGH-INTEREST Rate MCA’s or other Short-Term Debt to grow your business or keep it afloat during the bumpy past few years?

You aren’t alone. We talk to business owners on a daily basis trying to wiggle out of the high daily or weekly payments.

Our programs have helped others find light at the end of the tunnel and work their way back to no debt, or reasonable rate loans, to leverage and grow their businesses.

The 5 Ways to refinance business loans and Merchant Cash Advance debt….

  1. Purchase Order or Invoice Funding for B2B/B2G
  2. Unsecured Term Loans
  3. Secured Term Loans
  4. SBA or Conventional Loan
  5. Debt Restructuring Program (Fastest Option for immediate relief)
  • We analyze. Present Options. Saves You Hours of Time & Money
  • If you already know you need to reduce payments and don’t have time for the full video go to Upload Bank statements.
  • If you apply by mobile, (or statements will not upload) please email statements to
  • We typically will have options for you same or next day.

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Purchase Order or Invoice Funding for B2B/B2G

  • B2B & B2G businesses, use the Established Credit Profile of your customers.
  • Use invoices or purchase orders from your customers, as collateral.
  • Invoice Factoring or Purchase Order Financing can reduce the cost of capital and payoff the high-rate MCA.
  • You may pay 2 to 3% to factor your invoice and/or 1-2% for a PO LOC.

Case Study:  An Electronics Company had a $350,000 invoice with an established Government Client. They were paid $280,000 (80%) of the invoice upfront. Once the Government Client pays invoice, the company receives another $59,500. Cost was $10,500 to get rid of the daily payment nightmare.

You can pay the one-time financing charge and get back to growing your business!

Unsecured Term Loan Refi and Cash Out

  • Funded $250k Assisted Living with unsecured bank loan. (Credit Scores as low as 551)
  • Paid off client’s existing 50k MCA that was short term.
  • Client was paying $3,113 a week and provided him additional $200k cash out.
  • Merchant was closing on a big commercial building for an Assisted Living Facility and needed the 200k in a few days to do a rate lock with HUD.
  • Needed funding to help with all the closing costs involved in that particular transaction. Merchant was so impressed with out turnaround time he asked us to fund his other locations and set him up with a LOC so he can expand and open more locations.

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Secured Term Loan Refi and Cash Out

  • Restaurant owner had a merchant cash advance paying $9,840 a month ($492 daily).
  • Owner owned restaurant property & additional lot.
  • Lender paid off the MCA and provided additional $50k cash out.
  • Client had a monthly $2250 cash flow savings
  • Plus-they had an additional $50k for expansion of his business

SBA Loan or Conventional Loan

  • Takes a little more time 6- 8 weeks typically.
  • If you own the business real estate, this is a great long-term solution.
  • Frees up a lot of cash flow.
  • 7-10% rate for 10, 25, or 30 year term, compared to 6 months or 12 months amortization.
  • Most lenders would require 3 years in business and full financials. We do have some lenders who will work with challenged credit and younger businesses if the deal makes sense.
  • This can significantly help your cashflow and help your business to grow.

Business Debt Restructuring

  • Our Partner’s MCA Debt Restructuring experts and attorneys restructure your existing Cash Advance Contracts with your existing Cash Advance Providers.
  • Immediately and permanently lower your debt payments by 40% – 75%
  • Reduce your total payback amount!

This can be accomplished with no:

  • New loans
  • Minimum FICO Score
  • Collateral needed
  • Upfront fees
  • Satisfaction Letters and all UCC Liens released upon completion of the program.

Next Steps to Get Rid of the High Payment Stress…

  1. Schedule a Call or Complete Simple App
  2. Simple App, 4 months Bank statements/PO/Invoices to Let Us Analyze
  3. We analyze. Present Options. Saves You Hours of Time & Money
  4. If you are ready to reduce payments, go to Upload Bank statements. or schedule a call
  5. If you apply by mobile, (or statements will not upload) please email statements to