Unsecured Business Line of Credit

Unsecured Business Line of Credit

Unsecured Business Line of Credit program uses a network of 100+ FDIC Banks to provide you with working capital.  It is intended to be a quick working capital solution with funding up to $100,000 funded in up to 7 to 15 business days. For business financing needs above $100,000 it typically will take 3 weeks.

Since this is a bank business line of credit, there are monthly payments.

Please read the highlights below to see if this would fit your working capital needs.

Business Line and of Credit and Business Loan Rates:

Business Lines of Credit Rates range from 8.9% – 12.6% APR*

Business Loan Rates range from 5% – 13% APR* Below Prime Rate Terms are possible, but not likely.


No Upfront Fees

Fixed Monthly Payment

Funds in just 10-15 business days (over $100k =3 weeks)

72% Approval Rate

Requirements To Apply:

  • FICO: 660 minimum with all 3 bureaus
  • Time in Business:2 years minimum
  • Annual Revenues: $250k minimum last 2 years
  • ​Industries:  All Good EXCEPT 🚫No Cannabis Related
    ​Available in all 50

Do you have questions about our bank business loan and business credit line program?

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Case Studies

  • Med Spa: $100,000 Line of Credit at 6.25% Approved and Funded in Less than 10 Business Days!
  • Small Manufacturing Business: $150,000 LOW INTEREST Monthly Payment Term Loan to refi  multiple Short Term High Interest Loans 
  • Service Business: $1,460,000 10 Year Loan Payment $17,000 Per Month! Saved $22,000 PER MONTH Or $260,000 Over the Next 12 Months Consolidated All Payments into One + Additional Working Capital

Items Needed to Apply:

  1. Complete App- https://www.bizfundfirst.com/bankapp
  2. Upload the Four (4) most recent business bank statements (all pages – in pdf  format). 

        Upload with app or if applying through mobile, please email to service@bizfundfirst.com

  1. If your application is for the minimum doc program ($100k or less), and it looks good, we will send you the bank network  documents, and if needed list of  additional items to get started.
  1. If we additional info, or you are applying for more than $100k, we will call you to discuss

If applying for more than $100,000 in funding, we will need the following items:

  1. Past 6 Months of Bank Statements
  2.  Past 3 Years of Personal & Corporate Tax Returns
  3.  2022 Year-to-date Profit & Loss + Balance Sheet
  4. Current P&L and Balance Sheet
  5.  Completed Business Debt schedule
  6. Personal Financial Statement (contact us for template)
  7. Color Copy of your Driver’s License (front and back)
  8. Voided Check

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