Working Capital

Working Capital Loan Program

  • Working Capital Loan amounts from $25,000 to $200,000 (Merchant Cash Advance Alternative)
  • Rates range from 15% to 22% APR*- The cost of financing is very similar to business credit cards: 15% – 22% (using simple interest & after tax- deductions).  This is approximately 50%  less expensive than typical merchant cash advance financing products that many commercial businesses use on a regular basis.
  • No Origination Fees or Closing costs
  • Fixed Monthly Payment
  • 5 Year Term
  • Obtain Funds in your account in just 7-9 business days
  • EXISTING DEBT BALANCES DO NOT NEED TO BE PAID OFF-  Unlike other financing programs on The Street, this WC program does not require that existing MCA or other loans be paid off.  This is a big competitive advantage of this WC credit facility.
  •  WILL NOT INTERFERE WITH ANOTHER FUNDING *-This WC program does not create blanket UCC liens for your client’s business.  No bank or MCA provider can, or will, require that these balances be paid off in order to qualify for their new cash funding.
  • This WC financing will not count as a position for new MCA or other financing that you want to build out in their debt/capital stack.
  • NON-PERSONAL GUARANTEE OPTIONS- If your business has good credit, with over 3 years of positive PayDex history (70+), and past leases on any type of equipment or vehicles, it may not require a personal guarantee to get this WC financing
  • Not An MCA, or Cash Advance Product

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BizFundFirst- Schedule MeetingWhen does this type of business funding make sense for your business?

  • When your business cannot get a bank loan right now.
  • When your business has one or more merchant cash advance (MCA) balances, and another MCA would cause too much stress on the business’s cash flow.
  • When your business is planning to get an SBA-backed loan and needs cash that will not count as a regular balance needing to be paid off.
  • ​When your business is in a reverse MCA consolidation and has agreed (with serious potential consequences) to not take any more cash advance funding.
  • ​When your business needs a cash infusion paid back with monthly payments that will also provide an ongoing tax deduction.
  • ​When the owner of a business needs cash (that will not count as a balance or position) to pay down credit card balances so they can improve their personal credit score for the purpose of obtaining an SBA loan or other traditional financing.
  • ​Refinance and/or consolidate other high-cost debt (i.e., Kabbage/OnDeck/BlueVine/Fundbox, term loan, lines of credit, cash advances, any other high-cost factored loan products)

Requirements To Apply for Working Capital Loan with Monthly Payments:

  • 5 or more years in business
  • No Home-based businesses: MUST be a brick & mortar business, MUST NOT be residential, mailbox, PO Box, UPS address, or be shared office based, like Regus, or other executive suite arrangements.
  • Must do at least $200,000 in annual revenues (top line sales)
  • ​Guarantor MUST have 680 or higher personal FICO score (homeowner preferred)
  • ​No leasing or bank loan history necessary – although having it does help
  • ​Must have PayDex score of 70 or higher, ORmeet all other UW criteria, along with high owner FICOs
  • ​Must be an approved industry.
  • ​Must be an operating entity, not a holding company.
  • ​Must be fully open for business (not partial or seasonal).
  • Must not have any business bankruptcies or open judgments.
  • ​Must not have any charge-offs or excessive late payments (60 days plus late).

Unsecured Business Loan Program/ MCA Alternative RESTRICTED INDUSTRIES LIST:

Working Capital Loan Restricted Industries

Unsecured Business Loan Program/ MCA Alternative Eligible INDUSTRIES

Working Capital Loan Eligible Industries

Working Capital Loans Eligible Industries

Items Needed to Apply:

  • Request our 1-page fillable application.  
  • You can also text “WC APP” to (317) 676- 6726 with your email address and it will be sent to you.
  • ​Please submit the business’s four (4) most recent business bank statements (one pdf per statement).
  • ​Please provide a clear, legible copy of the front and back of the owner’s valid driver’s license